Цена: 36 220,80 грн
This console follow the original concept of new generation of GRAND steering consoles with the following key ideas:
• More space for modern digital instruments, GPS systems and large plotters,
• Versatility with dual steering system and control box locations:
   a) right-mount steering with side mount or flush-mount control box,
   b) left mount steering with top mount control box,
• Large windshield with standard st steel railing
• Large front seat back, which is removable for easy access to instruments
• Folding console head and one large lower part compartment with lots of storage space
• Enough place for cup holders and handrails.
• Fresh slim modern look with a number of decoration options.

The dashboard has two panels: Steering panel and Instruments panel. Instruments panel is large enough to install up to 14” screen GPS systems and a number of instruments. We strongly follow the concept of maximum flexibility of our design for any possible instruments ideas and rigging version, when there is enough space for any equipment!

The new concept provides an optional CARBON FIBRE look dashboard decoration — great feature to make the look of the boat more luxury, more custom, more SPECIAL!

Основные размеры
Размеры основания
69 x 115 x 135 61 x 80 17

Все стандартные комплекты рулевых консолей не включают средства управления и приборы.
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